Community Services - Milestones


  • 2018 Q1/Q2 School Health Talks
    Ten school health talks were conducted by HKSH Village Volunteers between January and June 2018. Specialist Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, and HKSHNAA members visited schools to deliver healthcare knowledge to over 2400 primary, secondary school students and parents across campuses.
  • Volunteer Medical Consultations and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
    Dr. CHIU Chi Fai Billy and Dr. YUEN Cheuk Wai, Resident Medical Officers of HKSH conducted health talks on ‘Upper Respiratory Tract Disease and Influenza’ and ‘Head, Foot and Mouth Disease and Enterovirus’ for staff at Ebenezer New Hope School on 11 January and 17 May; Dr. WONG Chak Tong attended a volunteer medical consultation for students with special needs on 10 June.
  • 2018 Walk For a Vision
  • 5 Years Plus ‘Caring Organisation Logo’
    HKSH has again been awarded the 5 Years Plus ‘Caring Organisation Logo’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the eighth consecutive years (2010-2018) for taking up corporate social responsibility and its commitment in caring for the community, the employees and the environment.
  • 25th Green Power Hike
    HKSH sent four teams to the Green Power Hike on 3 February, participants raced with passion in the cold wave to support the works of Green Power in environmental education and won the second-runner-up in the 50km trail, first-runner-up and second-runner-up in the 25km trial in the ‘Medical Services Cup’.


  • Sharing Love in Operation Santa Claus 2017
    To support Operation Santa Claus (OSC) organised by SCMP and RTHK, the OSC month – Yoga with Love was launched in November calling for colleague’s support by doing yoga for fundraising. HKSKH Christmas Party in benefit of OSC was also held on 18 December. The chilly weather did not stop colleagues from sharing warmth and love to the society through joining fundraising activities such as Super Chef with Love, Cone Ice-cream Eating Competition, Yoga Marathon, Game Booths and Charity Sale. With the matching fund from HKSH, over HK$800,000 is expected to be raised for the 14 OSC beneficiaries this year.

  • Bubble Soccer & Dodgebee with Trekkers Family
    On 16 December, HKSH Village Volunteers and Trekkers Families in Tung Chung suited up in bubble balls for soccer. Participants also played dodgebee, a new sport that combines the fun of a soft flying disc, and spent the afternoon bouncing, throwing and catching!

  • Fall 2017 School Health Talks
    Two health talks were conducted in September and December 2017 by the HKSH Village Volunteers: with dietitian sharing on ‘Healthy Eating’ with junior primary students; and physiotherapists sharing their expert knowledge with students of the HKDSE Elective Subject - Health Management and Social Care.

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2017
    For the 14th consecutive year, HKSH has been sending teams to join the Oxfam Trailwalker. The 5 teams this year have raised over $175,000 to support Oxfam’s poverty alleviation and emergency relief projects around the world.

  • Enlighten ‘Warmest Mother’s Day Special’
    The ‘Warmest Mother’s Day Special’ on 13 May was jointly organised by HKSH Village Volunteers and Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy. Around 30 members with their family listened to the origin of mother’s day, handcrafted paper flowers and cards to send warm wishes to their mothers.

  • HKSH runners run for an AIDS-Free Generation ‘AIDS to ZERO’ with UNICEF
    The Hospital donated HK$68,000 and a relay team of five runners from the Department of Radiotherapy joined the UNICEF Charity Run on 19 March in supporting the ‘Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS’ campaign.

  • Yoga with Mama for Trekkers Families
    HKSH Health Buddies joined the Trekkers Families on 18 March for a family yoga workshop. Led by Village Volunteers, participants attempted various yoga postures and enjoyed the afternoon in sweat.

  • 5+ Years ‘Caring Company’ Logo
    The Hospital has been awarded the ‘Caring Company Logo’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the seventh consecutive years (2010-2017) for its commitment in taking up corporate social responsibility and caring for the community.

  • The 24th Green Power Hike
    The annual fund-raising, 24th Green Power Hike was held on 21 January. Sending six teams to support the walkathon and donating HK$72,000 for a green cause, HKSH teams won the champion and first-runner-up in the 25km trail and first-runner-up and second-runner-up in the 50km trail.


  • Enlighten X HKSH Village Volunteers - All is Merry and Bright
    Co-organised by HKSH Village Volunteers and Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy, a Christmas Party was held for around 50 members affected by epilepsy on 17th December. The members decorated tote bags to carry the festive joy, unwrapped presents and a few turned into magicians and performed with the magic teachers in celebration of a Merry Christmas.

  • Mosaic Art for Trekkers Families
    HKSH Village Volunteers visited the Trekkers Families in Tung Chung on 10th December. Nineteen children and parents used mosaics to make their very own colourful Christmas ornaments and accessory boxes in welcoming the festival of warmth and love.

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2016
    HKSH has supported Oxfam Trailwalker for the 13th consecutive year. This year the Hospital sent 10 teams with 40 members, in which 18 are new to the race, to join the ultimate physical challenge of completing 100km in 48 hours in support of Oxfam’s work in poverty alleviation. Over 300,000 were raised.

  • International White Can Day - Run for Vision 2016
    HKSH has sponsored the International White Can Day - Run for Vision 2016 for the 3rd consecutive year in support of Hong Kong Blind Union’s related services for the visually impaired persons and their families.. This year, the event told place on 30 October, this year five volunteers held hands with visually impaired runners to complete the run from Central to Wan Chai, marking the Sunday morning a special one.

  • 2016/17 Academic Year: School Health Talks
    Four health talks were held between September and December 2016 by the HKSH Village Volunteers. Topics of the talks include “Eye Care” given by Optometrist, “Healthy Eating” by Dietitian, and “Improving Children’s Language Ability” by Speech Therapist.

  • HKSH Christmas Party "Step Up" for People in Need
    HKSH Christmas Party 2016 in benefit of Operation Santa Claus (OSC) was held on 19 December 2016. Thanks to the support from all doctors and staff members, around HK$800,000 (including the matching fund by the Hospital) was raised from the event for 23 beneficiaries. Fund raising activities featured at the party included Super Chef - Fresh From Farm Cooking Competition, Step-a-thon, Corn Eating Competition, Game Booths, Charity Sale, etc. In addition to the Christmas Party, a fund raising campaign began back in November 2016 with a month-long activity of ‘Golden 10,000 Steps’ to invite staff members to take 10,000 steps any day during the month to raise fund for OSC. The number of participation was around 750 and a total of 10 million steps was recorded from this activity.

  • HKSH joins Life Buddies Mentoring Scheme
    Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has joined the “Life Buddies Mentoring Scheme” organised by the Commission on Poverty.  A volunteer team of six educators from the School of Nursing of the Hospital will offer aone-year career-focused mentoring scheme  to 18 Form 5 students of Biology and Health Management from Pui Tak Canossian College. “The Hospital hopes to initiate the momentum for youngsters to gain insights into the future career prospects and deepen their knowledge in the medical sector. Mentors would also share experiences of life and career to inspire and guide them towards a positive path. The scheme allows senior secondary students to be exposed to different fields and  better equipped themselves for life in  society.” said Dr. Joseph CHAN, Deputy Medical Superintendent of the Hospital and Chief Volunteer Leader of HKSH Village Volunteers at the pledging ceremony of the scheme.

  • Medical Consultation and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
    HKSH Village Volunteers organised three medical consultations and three health talks for Ebenezer New Hope School in 2016. The volunteer consultations were conducted by Dr. WONG Chak Tong and Dr. KWOK Yip Tung Tony, Resident Medical Officers of HKSH. Health talks were delivered by Dr. YAU Wah Hon and Dr. FOO Bong Yin Kevin, Resident Medical Officers of HKSH respectively on urinary system disease and Parkinson’s disease regarding the causes, symptoms, treatments and preventions. Dr. CHEN Ngan, Specialist in Ophthalmology conducted a talk on adult eye care: floaters, presbyopia and refractive surgery.

  • HKSH Health Talks @ 2Q 2016
    Seven health talks were held at six schools between April to June 2016 by the HKSH Village Volunteers to spread the message of health and wellness to over 1800 students and teaching staff. Topics include “Puberty”, “Oral Care”, “Eye/Vision Care” and “Instructing Students for Correct Postures”.

  • Talk on Positive Psychology & Tuen Ng Festival Paper Folding Workshop
    A talk on positive psychology was conducted by Dr. FUNG Shuk Man Amy from the Clinical Health Psychology Centre to the Trekkers Families in Tung Chung on 4 June. Dr. Fung analysed the roles of parents in the modern society and discussed ways to coach children in face of frustrations by helping them to develop alternative perspectives. While parents attended the talk, children spent their afternoon with Health Buddies folding Zongzi and dragon boats with papers for the festive season.

  • Decopatching with Trekkers Families
    HKSH Health Buddies organised a Decopatch Worskshop for the Trekkers Families on 19 March. Participants all turned into artists and patched torn pieces of art papers onto Easter eggs and animal models, creating their unique and colourful art pieces. The paper craft activity did cultivate not only children’s creativity, but also their concentration and patience.

  • HKSH Health Talks @ 1Q 2016
    Six health talks were held between January and March 2016, specialists and healthcare professionals delivered messages of health and wellness to over 1,200 primary school students. Schools participated were SKH Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School, Aldrich Bay Government Primary School, San Wui Commercial Society School, Po Kok Primary School and Shau Kei Wan Government Primary School. Topics of the health talks were allied with the schools’ curriculum, including “An Introduction to Puberty” conducted by Specialists in Family Medicine, “Adequate Physical Exercise & Correct Postures” by teams of Physiotherapists and “Healthy Eating” by Dietitians.

  • Free Medical Consultation and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
    A free medical consultation was conducted at Ebenezer New Hope School in January to provide basic body check-up to visually and mentally impaired or severely mentally handicapped children. A health talk on urinary system diseases was also conducted in February for the teacher and caregivers.

  • 6 Years of 'Caring Company' Logo
    Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital was awarded ‘Caring Company’ Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the 6th consecutive years as recognition of the Hospital’s enduring efforts in caring for the community, its staff members and the environment.

  • The 23rd Green Power Hike
    Three teams of staff members joined the Corporate / Organisation Cup in the 23rd Green Power Hike, challenging the 50 km trail and donating HK$36,000 to support the event.


  • White Cane Day – Run for Vision 2015
    For the second consecutive year, HKSH supported the ‘White Cane Day – Run for Vision’ co-organised by Hong Kong Blind Union and Running To Your Home. On 11 October, three ophthalmologists, Dr. CHAN Wai Man, Dr. CHENG Chak Kwan Arthur and Dr. TSE Tao Yan Agnes, were each teamed up with a visually impaired runner and ran about 4km, taking part in the relay challenge around the Island. Dr. LEUNG Yu Lung Dexter was also at the spot running along to cheer for the runners.

  • HKSH Health Buddies – Tote Bag with Eco Print Workshop
    HKSH Health Buddies organised an Eco Print workshop for the Trekkers families in Tung Chung on 10 October 2015. Seventeen family members designed and made their unique eco bags by stamping plants of different texture and shape with natural colour on the fabric. The workshop aimed to promote environmental protection and encourage participants to become green citizens.

  • Hospital Provides Blood Taking Service for Public Housing Estate Tenants
    Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital provided blood taking service for 185 tenants from more than 10 public housing estates on four consecutive Sundays from 30 August to 20 September. The hospital charged the government a nominal fee of $1 per session and a total of $4 for the whole exercise. Blood samples were sent back to the government for examination. The blood taking service for tenants was supported by more than 100 hospital volunteers.

  • HKSH Health Buddies Bonding with Children through Cooking
    Health Buddies and Ms. LAU Wai Yan Vivian, Dietitian of HKSH visited Tung Chung Yat Tung Estate on 18 April 2015 for a cooking workshop. Teaching Trekkers Families a healthy and simple recipe of egg salad seaweed rolls, Ms. LAU explained nutrition values and the importance of a balanced diet. While making the rolls, participants exchanged thoughts and experience in handling their picky eaters. The event fostered communication and teamwork between parents and their children, and served as a chance for parents and volunteers to share their own health needs.

  • United in Circle Painting
    Co-organised by HKSH Village Volunteers and Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy, a Circle painting function was held on 11 April 2015. Volunteers from HKSH, social workers from Enlighten, tutor of the event painted with 30 children affected by Epilepsy together with members of their family. Using circles, lines and dots, they painted with collaboration, inclusiveness and imagination. The event aimed to raise the patients’ expressive and communication skills, while allowing parents to take a break from their caregiving routines and release their emotions.

  • HKSH Health Talks The Spring Semester 2015 Six health talks were held in Spring 2015:On 9 January and 13 March, Dr. WONG Man Cheong Dennis from the Department of Dentistry, visited Scared Heart Canossian School Private Section and spoke to 300 Primary school students on "Oral Care".

  • On 6 February, Dr. FUNG Shuk Man Amy from the Clinical Health Psychology Centre, conducted a talk at Hennessy Road Government Primary AM School to 140 Primary 5 students speaking on "Stress Management". On the same day, a talk was conducted by Ms. June CHAN, Senior Dietitian of HKSH, at Po Leung Kuk Gold & Silver Exchange Society Pershing Tsang School to 110 Primary 1 to Primary 3 students speaking on "Healthy Diet and Nutrition for Children".

  • On 13 March, four physiotherapists conducted a talk at SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School to 35 Form 5 students speaking on "Healthy Lifestyle and Correct Posture".

  • On 27 March, Dr. FAN Shu Ping Dorothy, Specialist in Ophthalmology, conducted a talk at North Point Government Primary School to 300 Primary 1 and 2 students speaking on "Eye / Vision Care".

  • 2015 Walk for A Vision
    The 7th Walk for A Vision was held on 15 March 2015. With more than 200 well-wishers participating in, the walkathon successfully raised a total of HK$500,000 for the ‘Little Life Warrior Society’ (LLWS). The fund would be used for the promotion of LLWS to raise the awareness of childhood cancers, and to support its expansion of services to a wider network of hospitals, in the hope of benefiting more childhood cancer patients, survivors and their families.

  • Free medical consultations; Caring for minorities in the community
    On 8 February, a free medical consultation at Ebenezer New Hope School was conducted to provide basic body check-up to 15 visually and mentally impaired or severely mentally handicapped children and 8 of their parents. He also treated those feeling unwell and answered to medical related enquiries from the children and their caregivers.

  • The 22nd Green Power Hike
    The Hospital sent five teams to compete for the Corporate / Organisation Cup in the 22nd Green Power Hike, challenging the 25km or 50 km trail. HKSH teams also donated HK$60,000 to support the event.

  • 5 Years Plus 'Caring Company' Logo
    HKSH was awarded the five years 'Caring Company' Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for its commitment to care for the community, its staff members and the environment.

  • The Spring Duet Workshop in Chinese New Year for Tung Chun Trekkers Families
    HKSH Health buddies organised a workshop for the Trekkers Families in Tung Chung on 31 January 2015. The event featured a spring duet of carving Water Narcissus flower bulbs and making Lunar New Year decors with red pockets. 11 families brought home with them the finished products as well as all the blessings of Spring!


  • HKSH Christmas Party in Benefit of Operation Santa Claus
    HKSH Village Volunteers organised a free medical consultation at Ebenezer New Hope School in 2014, providing free basic body check-up to students, treating those feeling unwell, and answering to medical related enquiries. Four health lectures on Thalassemia, Haemophilia, Moebius Syndrome & Protein C Deficiency, and G6PD Deficiency, were conducted to enhance the knowledge of staff and social workers at the school, especially in respond to the daily caring and special needs of the students.

  • HKSH Health Talks of 2014-2015 Academic Year
    The new academic year of HKSH Health Talks commenced in December 2014. On 4 December, a talk was conducted at Island Road Government Primary School to 70 Primary 1 to 3 students by our physiotherapists, speaking on “Adequate Exercise & Correct Posture”. On 5 December, Ms. CHOW Ming Yan Jessica, Dietitian of the Hospital visited Sacred Heart Canossian School and spoke to 300 Primary 4 and 5 students on healthy eating. She introduced the Children Food Pyramid, features and examples of healthy snacks.

  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2014
    HKSH has supported Oxfam Trailwalker for the 11th year. The Hospital sent 7 teams, including 28 in-house doctors and staff members in taking up the ultimate challenge of the 100km Trail within a 48-hour time limit, raising HK$330,000 to support Oxfam’s work on poverty alleviation.

  • Enlighten Halloween Party and Fashion Show
    Jointly organised by HKSH Village Volunteers and Enlighten – Action for Epilepsy, the Halloween party was held on 25 October. 10 volunteers, 2 social workers, 26 children affected by Epilepsy and members of their family designed their own Halloween costumes, played games and spent the day with tricks and treats!

  • HKSH Health Buddies ‘Cha-Duk-Chang’ with Trekkers Families
    Health Buddies of HKSH Village Volunteers ‘Cha-Duk-Chang’ with Tung Chung Trekkers families on 15 November. Through games, mentors from the ‘Cha Duk Chang Children’s Cantonese Opera Association’ taught participants basic Cantonese Opera knowledge, including hand movements, steps and vocals. Over 20 Trekkers family members sang together, tried on Cantonese Opera makeup and costumes, the event hall was filled with joy.

  • HKSH Health Talks at Tung Chung
    Four Physiotherapists conducted a talk on ‘Physio with Sports in Avoiding Back Pain’. Targeting women living in Yat Tung Estate, the featured topic emphasised on physiopathology. For example, how ergonomics may protect the back and waist when performing housekeeping duties; the importance of doing waist exercise and physical training in daily lives to protect the back and lower back. On 5 July 2014, Dr. FUNG Ka Hang Timothy, Resident Medical Officer conducted a health talk at Yat Tung Estate speaking on common chronic liver disease, for example, fatty liver, Heptatitis B and liver cancer etc.

  • HKSH Health Buddies ‘Art Jamming’
    On 31 May, HKSH Health Buddies painted with over 10 children from the Tung Chung Trekkers families. Tutor from the Hospital’s Village Art Club was invited to lead participants to paint in a cosy, joyful atmosphere, and be indulged in the art jamming experience.

  • HKSH Health Talk at Tai Koo Primary School
    On 9th May 2014, Ms. CHAN King Chi June, Senior Dietitian of HKSH conducted a talk at Tai Koo Primary School. Sharing the knowledge of a healthy eating style, 400 students and parents learnt about the importance of a balanced diet. Ms. CHAN also talked about the causes and prevention of obesity, daily healthy diets and reading nutrition labels, as well as effective weight management.

  • Run for Vision
    The Hospital supported "Run for Vision", a 50km street-run relay challenge co-organised by the Hong Kong Blind Union and Flywheel. On 27 April 2014, two specialists from the Department of Ophthalmology, one nurse and one colleague from the Department of Supplies joined the event as guide runners for blind runners in order to promote social inclusion. The Hospital also donated HK$120,000 to the Hong Kong Blind Union for its "Life Environment Adaptation Programme".

  • Sponsoring Cantonese Opera Charity Ball in Benefit of Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation Co-presented by The Rose Family Hong Kong and HKSH Nurses Alumni Association, “The Story of Princess Chang Ping” was on stage on 20 March 2014 at the Sunbeam Theatre in North Point. Funds raised for Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation will be used to promote medical research for new treatments of blood cancer, also in the hope of providing more comprehensive care for patients and their families to improve their quality of living. HKSH donated HK$100,000 to support the charity ball.

  • HKSH Health Talk Organised by HKSH Village Volunteers, three physiotherapists conducted a talk on 19 March, the Staff Development Day of Shaukiwan Tsung Tsin School, speaking on "the prevention of occupational disorders and reinforcing correct posture in children". Around 40 teachers attended the talk.

  • Walk for A Vision 2014
    Over 200 participants joined Walk for Vision 2014 held on 16 March, the annual fund-raising event of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. This year, a total of HK$358,000 was raised for a renovation project of Ronald McDonald House to support the families of children with serious illness.

  • 21st Green Power Hike
    The Hospital sent eight teams of hikers to compete for the 25km and 50km Corporation / Organisation Cup in the 21st Green Power Hike on 25 January 2014, raising HK$120,000 to contribute to a greener future.

  • Dodgeball with Tung Chung Trekkers Families
    On 18 January 2014, HKSH Health Buddiesplayed dodgeball with 6 parents and 10 children from six Trekkers Families. Volunteers explained the regulations and rules of the game, and rehearsed the basic moves with participants. The day was filled with energy and joy! Special thanks to Dodgeball Association of Hong Kong, China, for donating the dodgeballs for the event and giving them out to the children at the end of the day.


  • In order to promote health education in schools that enables students, parents and teachers to create awareness of their own health, HKSH Village Volunteers has launched “School Health Talk” programme since December 2013. The first “School Health Talk” took place at Shau Kei Wan Government Primary School on 14 Dec 2014. Dietitian Ms. Vivian Lau talked about “Healthy Eating for Parents and Children” and shared tips of a balanced diet and healthy cooking with around 40 parents and students. She also demonstrated how to make simple and healthy hand-rolled sandwiches.

  • The Hospital supports "Trekkers Family Enhancement Scheme" launched by Kerry Group Kuok Foundation by organizing a group of Health Buddies to regularly provide medical and health knowledge to the underprivileged families in Tung Chung, enabling them to prevent illness and to facilitate self-care.

  • As the sole medical partner of "Pink Revolution" in 2013 organised by Hong Kong Cancer Fund, the Hospital offers 100 free and 500 discounted mammogram examinations to members of the public.

  • In order to raise public awareness of women's cancers in Hong Kong and to encourage women to have regular medical checkups, HKSH supported the "6 Minutes Protect a Life" campaign, a charitable activity jointly organised by Hong Kong Cancer Fund and Procter & Gamble Hong Kong Ltd., from June to August 2013 by offering free breast and cervical cancer screenings to 75 women aged 50 or above.

  • On 23 March 2013, Village Volunteers of HKSH organised an Easter Cooking Class with Enlighten Hong Kong for patients with epilepsy to try their hands at cooking. The volunteers and the participants made pizza and chocolate together in celebration of Easter Festival.

  • Organised for the fifth year by Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) on 17 March 2013, the Walk for Vision 2013 has successfully raised a total of HK$1,000,000 to support services for St. James' Settlement Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre. The fund will be used for the purchase and modification of a rehabilitation van to transport dementia patients and their caregivers and to provide other dementia services. The donation includes money raised by walkathon participants and a matching fund from HKSH.

2002 - 2012

  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) continued to offer support to "Operation Santa Claus 2012" (OSC) in December 2012, an annual charity campaign jointly organised by South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). In addition to the annual Christmas Party in benefit of OSC, HKSH firstly introduced another fundraising event "K Actually" to raise money for 18 charity organisations in Hong Kong. Together with HKSH’s dollar-for-dollar support, the events raised HK$600,000.

  • With an aim to supporting epileptic teenagers to integrate into society with self-confidence, Village Volunteers of HKSH participated in a Cantonese Opera Workshop held by Enlighten Hong Kong on 22 September 2012. Our volunteers, adolescents with epilepsy and their families could not only learn the basics of Cantonese Opera, but could also join hands in the preparations, such as putting on make-up, costume and headpieces.

  • On 6 July 2012 Village Volunteers of HKSH held a Charity Sales event at the Hospital Staff Canteen to support the Rainlily “WE Stand” fundraising programme, providing free Pap smear test for 50 foreign domestic helpers and minorities.

  • Led by Village Volunteers of HKSH, the fourth "Walk for Vision" held on 25 March 2012 proved to be a resounding success. As part of the major celebration of HKSH's 90th anniversary, the event attracted about 300 people, including members of hospital staff, their families and charitable supporters. The event raised HK$575,000 for Children's Thalassaemia Foundation.

  • With all the enthusiastic support from doctors and staff as well as the matching donation by the Hospital, the Operation Santa Claus 2011 has raised a record high of more than HK$800,000.

  • The third “Walk for Vision” was held by Village Volunteer on 20 March 2011 to raise fund for the New Voice Club of Hong Kong, in support of the laryngectomees to regain their voices and reintegrate into the community.

  • In March 2011, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital was awarded Caring Company Logo for its unsparing effort in wide-ranging community services and charities.

  • Held on 20 December 2010, the Operation Santa Claus 2010 has raised a total of HK$371,928.

  • In March 2010, the Village Volunteers organized the second "Walk for Vision" , raising over HK$400,000 for Make-A-Wish® Hong Kong to grant wishes for severely ill children.

  • The Hospital has pledged to be a supporting organization of the Operation Santa Claus in 2009. A special charity Christmas party was organised by the Village Volunteers to raise funds. It had raised a total of over HK$320,000 for the Operation Santa Claus.

  • One of the sponsored programmes of Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation is the Hong Kong Hereditary and High Risk Breast Cancer Programme, which is the first-of-its-kind that offers clinical service and collects genetic data of the Asian population, in particular the Chinese population, for ethnic-specific assessment and management of breast cancer.

  • Our doctors have been visiting Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired since the beginning of 2009 on a regular basis. Not only do the doctors offer free health assessment sessions for the children, they also organise free talks to the staff members of the school to equip them with the latest medical information.

  • Representing the Village Volunteers, our nurses joined the Ripple Action in July 2009, giving free pap smears to the participants.

  • In April 2009, Village Volunteer was established by the Hospital to encourage staff members in participating community services. "Walk for Vision" charitable walkathon was organized to raise fund for Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, with the goal to purchase a brand new 16 seater minibus to carry wheelchairs for children with special needs.

  • After the Sichuan earthquake took place in May 2008, the Hospital initiated a hospital-wide fund-raising campaign and pledged to match the donation dollar-for-dollar. We have raised over HK$ 7.3 million in total for the Hong Kong Red Cross to assist to the long-term rehabilitation of earthquake victims.

  • Since 2008, the Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation sponsored free cervical screening for new immigrants in the "Ripple Action" campaign.

  • Since 2001, The Hospital has been supporting the Cervical Cancer Awareness Programme organised by Hong Kong Cancer Fund. In 2007, we joined force with P&G Hong Kong to offer comprehensive screening at a special rate for the Programme, with the aim to raise public awareness of cervical cancer prevention.

  • The Hospital has always been supportive of staff participation in charity campaign, such as the Oxfam Trailwalker since 2002, the Community Chest Walk and the recent "Run to Beijing Charity Marathon".