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Neurology Centre Neurology Centre Opened on 1 January 2014, the Neurology Centre provides a wide range of services in diagnosis, treatment and care for patients with different neurological disorders. One of its major services is acute stroke management. With a particular focus on stroke prevention and patient rehabilitation, it is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists in emergency medicine, intensive care, cardiology, radiology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, clinical psychology, etc, providing total patient care for patients. Other service areas include such neurological disorders as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, movement disorders, multiple sclerosis and headaches.
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Acute Stroke Service
There are two types of acute stroke: ischaemic stroke, due to interruption of blood flow to the brain and haemorrhagic stroke, due to bleeding into the brain.  Ischaemic stroke is caused by a blood clot cutting off the blood supply to an area of the brain, depriving the brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the brain tissue becomes damaged and eventually dies. The effect of acute stroke depends on the location and severity of brain tissue damage. Severe stroke may result in significant permanent disability or even death. 

During the initial phase of acute ischaemic stroke, not all the brain tissue with interrupted blood supply becomes permanently damaged immediately. Some of this tissue can be salvaged if the blood supply can be restored within a critical time period. This time window for rescue is very short; more importantly, the earlier the blood supply can be restored, the better the outcome. This reperfusion by thrombolytic therapy and intra-arterial thrombectomy are high risk interventions and have to be conducted by a team of experienced professionals. Acute stroke management requires concerted efforts and seamless coordination of different disciplines and specialists for accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment. 

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital offers packages for patients with acute ischaemic stroke who undergo assessment for eligibility and receives thrombolytic therapy and intra-arterial thrombectomy. 
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