Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

On 4 March 2010, the Hospital was awarded the EQuIP Accreditation Certificate by the ACHS. We are honored to be the first hospital in Hong Kong to receive this international recognition, which is a major milestone of our pursuit of safe and high quality healthcare services.  In March 2014 and May 2018, the Hospital was granted full accreditation status for four years respectively, becoming the first hospital in Hong Kong to have received accreditation for the third time from the ACHS.

Caring Organisation

Caring Company

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has been awarded Caring Organisation logo since 2011 for its sustained CSR participation. Advocated by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Caring Company Scheme is committed to building a cohesive society by promoting strategic partnership among businesses and social service partners and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment.

In strict adherence to the motto "Quality in Service • Excellence in Care", HKSH always strives for the best services for the public with advanced medical technology and professional expertise. The Hospital also shows its care about the community with unsparing support for wide-ranging community services and charities. Since 2002, HKSH has been an active supporter of wide-ranging charity activities, among them are the Trailwalker, Green Power Hike, the World Heart Day, the Operation Santa Claus (a yearly charitable event co-organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK), the Pink Ball of the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry, etc. In recent years, the Hospital has been encouraging its staff members to take part in voluntary services after work. HKSH Village Volunteers was established in April 2009 to support and serve the disadvantaged groups in the community.

A social prestige in itself, the Caring Organisation Logo serves as a recognition for the Hospital's contribution to community services. Just like its resolute commitment to quality medical services, HKSH's enthusiasm for community wellbeing will always light the way for the Hospital in future.

OSH Council 2017
Gold Award in The HKFI Award for Excellence in Occupational Rehabilitation

Safety Promotion – Silver Award

The Hospital’s “Occupational Rehabilitation Programme for Injured Staff” won the Gold Award of “The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers Award for Excellence in Occupational Rehabilitation” of The 16th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award. This programme aims to facilitate staff members to return to work after injury related to manual handling operations and to reduce OSH risk in workplace.

Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Awards

Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Gold Awards

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital is honoured to have been awarded the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand (Hospital Category) for the thirteenth time since 2008, and for the fifth time, the Platinum Award in 2021. 

HKSH Guy Hugh Chan Refractive Surgery Centre and HKSH Eye Surgery Centre have been jointly awarded the Trusted Brand Award (Eye Surgery Centre). The former has earned this honour for eleven consecutive years. The awards are a testimony of public trust and confidence in services we provide and we will continue to look into ways to excel in its service. 

Moving on to its centenary, HKSH will continue to serve Hong Kong community with quality patient care, clinical excellence and innovations. With the motto ‘Quality in Service, Excellence in Care’, the Hospital strives to provide comprehensive medical services to the local community.

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Wins the Top Accolade of Healthcare at Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice Award 2017

Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice Award

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital won the "Excellent Brand of Healthcare Institution" at Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice Award 2017 organised by Metro Finance Radio.

The "Excellent Brand of Healthcare Institution" is a new category in 2017 to recognise those brands providing quality medical services. The Hospital is honoured to receive the award, reinforcing its leading position in Hong Kong’s healthcare sector and community.

Next Magazine's Top Service Award

Next Magazine's Top Services Award

The Hospital was first awarded the Next Magazine's Top Service Award in 2007, and since 2011, the Hospital has earned the Next Magazine's Top Service Award in the Private Hospital category for the eleventh consecutive year. The winner was chosen every year through a public voting by consumers and readers of the magazine.

The Prestigious Corporate Brand Awards
- Judging Panel Award

The Prestigious Corporate Brand Award 2012 - Judging Panel Award by Category - Healthcare Service

The Hospital won one of  the Top Ten “Prestigious Corporate Brand Awards – Judging Panel Award” in 2012, 2013 and 2014, an award jointly organised by Ming Pao Daily and the Department of Marketing of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The judging panel consists of a group of esteemed branding experts from different universities and professional societies. The assessment is based on six different criteria: "Brand Management Culture", "Brand Strategy", "Brand Communication", "Intellectual Rights Management", "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Brand Performance and Achievement". The award testifies to the trust and identification of the community as recognition of our quality service.

Hong Kong Classic Brand Award

Hong Kong Classic Brand Award 2013

The Hospital was awarded the "Hong Kong Classic Brand Award - 50 Years or above" by East Week magazine in  2013 and 2018 respectively. It recognises our endeavour to stay on course of its mission to provide the best patient care with top-notch healthcare professionals, advanced medical equipment and comfortable environment.

Full Accreditation of Organizational Standards by Trent Accreditation Scheme of the United Kingdom

Full Accreditation of Organizational Standards by Trent Accreditation Scheme of the United Kingdom

Our Hospital is firmly committed to ensuring that the quality of service is up to internationally accepted standards. Since 2000, our Hospital has been subjected to the close scrutiny by the Trent Accreditation Board of United Kingdom once every two years. As a result, our Hospital was awarded Full Accreditation for a period of two years in 2010 for the sixth time in a row, which signified compliance with the standards of the Trent Accreditation Board. We also received commendations for our high standard of patient care and our commitment to delivering excellent health services.

The New Economy's Healthcare Awards

The New Economy's Healthcare Awards 2012

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital has long been recognised for its committed pursuit of medical excellence with top-notch clinical professionals, advanced medical technologies, quality health care services and superb hospital environment. In 2012 the Hospital has added another honour to its already long list of prestigious recognitions when it was chosen as "The Best Healthcare Provider in Asia" by major industry decision-makers worldwide in The New Economy's Healthcare Awards 2012.

A wide range of criteria is used by the awards panel to inform its decision over the most pertinent categories, and to establish criteria for voters to consider, such as innovation, originality and quality of product, as well as proof of market development and excellence in client representation.

The Hospital cannot achieve what it has today without the long-term support from patients and the medical communities, both local and overseas. And it is the recognitions from both public and professional circles over the past decades that drive it to go the extra mile, providing the best total patient experience and striving for continuous improvement.

Mediazone’s Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award

Mediazone’s Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award 2012

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital was awarded the “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies 2012” presented by Mediazone. The judging panel of “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies” Award comprises the editorial committee members and Asia-Pacific research team of the Mediazone, which made the assessment from various aspects, such as corporate social responsibility, innovation in product/service, contribution to Hong Kong, etc. The award is a great encouragement for HKSH, which propels us with the motivation in pursuit of the excellence.

Singtao Excellent Services Brand Award in Private Hospital Service

Singtao Excellent Services Brand Award in Private Hospital Service

The Hospital received accolades in the “Sing Tao Service Awards” under the category of “Private Hospital Services” for four consecutive years since 2017.