Community Services


Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of people in Hong Kong and contribute to the betterment of the community. Through diverse initiatives in employee volunteerism and philanthropic sponsorship with a core focus on supporting medicine-related charities and non-profit organisations, the Hospital reaches out to the community in which it is both a responsible citizen and compassionate donor. The Hospital has been awarded the prestigious Caring Company Logo since 2011 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for its unceasing effort and generosity in giving back to the community.
Villige VolunteerHKSH Villiage Volunteer

Established in April 2009, the HKSH Village Volunteers, which consists of HKSH staff members, doctors, nurses, nursing students, alumni of the School of Nursing and retired staff, has been taking part in various community and fundraising activities in order to promote the health and wellness of people in Hong Kong through care and love. Two main fundraising events are the annual Walkathon “Walk For A Vision” and “Christmas Party in Benefit of OSC”. In recent years, more volunteer programs and services have been developed such as “HKSH Caring Friends”, “HKSH Health Talks”, “HKSH Health Buddies” and "HKSH Trekkers". Collaboration organisations include Ebenezer New Hope School, Ripple Action, Enlighten and St. James’ Settlement.
HKSH Walk for VisionHKSH Walk For A Vision
An annual charitable walkathon which has so far raised funds for Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Imparied, Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, The New Voice Club of Hong Kong, The Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation, St. James’ Settlement, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hong Kong and Little Life Warrior Society.  We welcome medicine-related sponsorship proposals from charitable organisations for beneficiary application.

HKSH Christmas Party HKSH Christmas Party
A special Christmas party features food stalls, competition, performance, charity sales, and lucky draw, to raise funds for the Operation Santa Claus organised by RTHK and SCMP, making the festive season a special time for us to share love, care and support to the people in need.
HKSH Health Buddies HKSH Health Buddies
HKSH Health Buddies serve as a health arm for the children, grassroots and underprivileged families in Hong Kong. By committing time, heart and resources, Health Buddies organise health talks and interactive activities for the underprivileged families and children to enhance their health knowledge and capabilities, and encourage them to integrate into the community.
HKSH Health TalksHKSH Health Talks
Delivered by experienced specialists and health care professionals, regular health talks are conducted for schools and NGOs to promote and raise awareness of healthcare to the general public.
HKSH Dementia FriendsHKSH Caring Friends
HKSH Caring Friends will organise volunteer programs to cultivate a caring community for elderly and needy groups, including joining programmes of Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre of St. James’ Settlement to help people with Alzheimer’s disease to maintain the social interaction with outside world and improve their cognitive abilities.  Besides, Caring Friends will visit old folks’ homes to impart care and attention.
HKSH TrekkersHKSH Trekkers
With care and perseverance, HKSH Trekkers supports various charitable hiking objectives, such as Oxfam’s Trailwalk, Green Power Hike, and Run for Vision in order to help alleviate poverty, protect environment and support vulnerable groups in Hong Kong.

Philanthropic Sponsorship

In addition to supporting and leveraging the professional skills and experience of the employees through volunteerism to give back to the community, the Hospital recognises and rewards employees’ fundraising programs by increasing the value of their donations with a dollar to dollar matching fund.  The Hospital has also been actively engaging in a wide range of charitable giving through itself or the Dr. Ellen Li Charitable Foundation which is in memory of the late Dr. Ellen Li, the wife of the former Medical Superintendent Dr. Li Shu Pui.

One of the sponsored programmes of the Foundation is the Hong Kong Hereditary and High Risk Breast Cancer Programme, which is the first-of-its-kind that offers clinical service and collects genetic data of the Asian population, in particular the Chinese population, for ethnic-specific assessment and management of breast cancer. The Foundation has also been granting free cervical screening for new immigrants or ethnic minorities in the “Ripple Action” campaign since 2008.

The Hospital also supports programmes of China California Heart Watch, Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, The Hong Kong Medical Association Charitable Foundation, Rainlily, etc. to make a difference extends beyond our hospital walls.

Philanthropic Sponsorship Philanthropic Sponsorship Philanthropic Sponsorship Philanthropic Sponsorship Philanthropic Sponsorship

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 2022 2021-2019 2018 - 2016 2015 - 2011 2010 - 2002
  • HKSH Supports Oxfam Trailwalker 2021 – VIRTUALLY TOGETHER
  • HKSH Village Volunteers Sponsors a Team to join Pink Run.HK 2021
  • Natural Personal Care DIY Workshop for Elderly
  • Free Medical Consultations and Health Talk at Ebenezer New Hope School 2021
  • HKSH Health Talks
  • HKSH Supports Hong Kong Red Cross First Humanity City Challenge
  • Walk For a Vision 2021
  • Green Rangers
  • HKSH Supports First “Oxfam Trailwalker 2020 – VIRTUALLY TOGETHER”
  • 2020 HKSH OSC Month & Christmas Party
  • HKSH Medical Group Awarded the “Caring Company” LogoHong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Awarded the “10 Year Plus Caring Organisation” Logo
  • Sketch of Epilepsy Life
  • Pink Together 2020
  • Pink Run.HK 2020
  • Aromatherapy Personal Care DIY Workshop for Elderly
  • Free Medical Consultations and Health Talk at Ebenezer New Hope School 2020
  • HKSH Health Talks 2020
  • Walk For a Vision 2020
  • 2019 HKSH OSC Month & Christmas Party awarded the “Most Creative Corporate Fundraiser”
  • Green Power Hike 2020
  • Co-ogranising Health Talks with JLife Foundation
  • HKSH Medical Group Awarded the “Caring Company” LogoHong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Awarded the “10 Year Plus Caring Organisation” Logo
  • Launch of HKSH Elderly Visit Programme delivers warmth to elderlies in the Eastern District
  • HKSH Caring Friends @Tai Wo Hau
  • 2019 Q3, Q4 Health Talks at Secondary & Primary Schools, Ebenezer New Hope School
  • School Health Talks and Medical Consultations and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
  • Walk For a Vision 2019
  • 5 Years Plus ‘Caring Organisation Logo’
  • HKSH Elderly Home Visit Programme Visit Trial
  • Beach Clean-up to Protect Environment
  • HKSH Operation Santa Claus 2018 Sets New Donation Record of HKD1.20 million
  • 26th Green Power Hike
  • 2018 Q3/Q4 School Health Talks
  • Volunteer Medical Consultations and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
  • UNICEF Charity Run 2018
  • HKSH Supports Oxfam Trailwalker for 15th Consecutive Year
  • Gratitude Bottle Workshop for Enlighten
  • 2018 Q1/Q2 School Health Talks
  • Volunteer Medical Consultations and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
  • 2018 Walk For a Vision
  • 5 Years Plus ‘Caring Organisation Logo’
  • 25th Green Power Hike
  • Sharing Love in Operation Santa Claus 2017
  • Bubble Soccer & Dodgebee with Trekkers Family
  • Fall 2017 School Health Talks
  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2017
  • Enlighten ‘Warmest Mother’s Day Special’
  • 2017 Walk For A Vision
  • HKSH runners run for an AIDS-Free Generation ‘AIDS to ZERO’ with UNICEF
  • Yoga with Mama for Trekkers Families
  • 5+ Years ‘Caring Company’ Logo
  • The 24th Green Power Hike
  • Enlighten X HKSH Village Volunteers - All is Merry and Bright
  • Mosaic Art for Trekkers Families
  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2016
  • International White Can Day - Run for Vision 2016
  • 2016/17 Academic Year: School Health Talks
  • HKSH Christmas Party "Step Up" for People in Need
  • HKSH joins Life Buddies Mentoring Scheme
  • Medical Consultation and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
  • HKSH Health Talks @ 2Q 2016
  • Talk on Positive Psychology & Tuen Ng Festival Paper Folding Workshop
  • Decopatching with Trekkers Families
  • Walk for a Vision 2016
  • HKSH Health Talks @ 1Q 2016
  • Free Medical Consultation and Health Talks at Ebenezer New Hope School
  • 6 Years of ‘Caring Company’ Logo
  • The 23rd Green Power Hike

  • HKSH Christmas Party in Benefit of Operation Santa Claus
  • White Cane Day - Run for Vision 2015
  • HKSH Health Buddies - Tote Bag with Eco Print Workshop
  • Hospital provides blood taking service for Public Housing Estate Tenants
  • HKSH Health Buddies Bonding with Children through Cooking
  • United in Circle Painting
  • HKSH Health Talks The Spring Semester
  • Walk for A Vision 2015
  • Free Medical Consultations; Caring for minorities in the community
  • The 22nd Green Power Hike
  • 5 years Plus ‘Caring Company’ Logo
  • The Spring Duet Workshop in Chinese New Year
  • HKSH Christmas Party in Benefit of Operation Santa Claus
  • Ebenezer New Hope School - Free Medical Consultations and Health Talks
  • HKSH Health Talks of the New Academic Year
  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2014
  • Enlighten Halloween Party and Fashion Show
  • HKSH Health Buddies ‘Cha-Duk-Chang’ with Trekkers Families
  • HKSH Health Talks at Tung Chung
  • HKSH Health Buddies Art Jamming
  • HKSH Health Talk at Tai Koo Primary School
  • Run for Vision
  • Sponsoring Cantonese Opera Charity Ball in Benefit of Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation
  • HKSH Health Talks
  • Walk for Vision 2014
  • 21st Green Power Hike
  • Dodgeball with Trekkers Families
  • School Health Talk
  • Trekkers Family Enhancement Scheme
  • Pink Revolution
  • 6 Minutes Protect a Life
  • Easter Cooking Class
  • Walk for Vision 2013
  • Operation Santa Claus 2010
  • Walk for Vision 2010
  • Operation Santa Claus 2009
  • Hong Kong Hereditary and High Risk Breast Cancer Programme
  • Visually Impaired
  • Free pap smears to the participants
  • Village Volunteer was established
  • Hospital-Wide Fund-raising Campaign and Pledged
  • Walk for Vision2009
  • Free Cervical Screening
  • Cervical Cancer Awareness Programme
  • Oxfam Trailwalker 2002