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If you feel like expanding you knowledge on the latest health issues, stay tuned to the Metro Finance FM104 for 《養和抗病兵工廠》every Friday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You may talk to the speakers of the Hospital by phone. (The programme is conducted in Cantonese.)

Programme Review
Programme Schedule
DateTopic Speaker
19/06/2020Squint Dr. TSE Tao Yan, Agnes
12/06/2020Common disease of stomach Dr. CHOW Wing Man, Raymond
05/06/2020Mental health management during COVID-19 pandemic Dr. PAN Pey Chyou
29/05/2020Diabetic retinopathy Dr. CHAN Wai Man
22/05/2020The latest treatment of Prostate Cancer Dr. POON Ming Chun, Darren
15/05/2020Rectal cancer Dr. LAW Wai Lun
08/05/2020Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Vaccine and the Prevention of Pneumonia Dr. CHEUNG Yu, Vincent
01/05/2020Essential nutrients for women health Ms. LAU Wai Yan, Vivian
24/04/2020The symptoms and the latest treatment of Nasopharyngeal Cancer Dr. CHUA Tsin Tien, Daniel
17/04/2020Presbyopia Dr. CHANG So Min, John
10/04/2020The wrist injury Dr. KOU Sio Kei
03/04/2020Fallopian Tube Cancer Dr. TAM Kar Fai
27/03/2020Cataract Dr. BAIG, Nafees Begum
20/03/2020Dietary Management for Gout Ms. Cheng Chi Li, Cherie
13/03/2020Dementia Dr. NG Ping Wing
06/03/2020Dysphagia Dr. TONG King Hung, Daniel
28/02/2020The daily life of a patient with Glaucoma Dr. LEUNG Yu Lung, Dexter
21/02/2020Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases Dr. LAM Chung Mei, Jamie
14/02/2020The cause of chest pain Dr. LEUNG Kit Yan, Luke
07/02/2020The trend of allergen immunotherapy Dr. CHAN Wai Ming, Alson
10/01/2020Hypothermia Dr. SHUM Kin, Cynthia
 03/01/2020Keratoconus Dr. CHAN Chung Yan, Tommy