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Metro Finance FM104 Radio Programme
If you feel like expanding you knowledge on the latest health issues, stay tuned to the Metro Finance FM104 for 《養和抗病兵工廠》every Friday from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. You may talk to the speakers of the Hospital by phone. (The programme is conducted in Cantonese.)

Programme Review
Programme Schedule
DateTopic Speaker
30/07/21Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Dr. PAN Pey Chyou
23/07/21Scar management Dr. CHOI Wing Kee
16/07/21Diabetes and Exercise Mr. CHEUNG Tsz Wai
09/07/21The appropriate use of electronic devices for children Dr. FAN Shu Ping, Dorothy
02/07/21Cancer and Exercise Dr. LIU King Yin, Rico
Ms. Kedy LEE
25/06/21Common breast problem Dr. KONG Chi Hang, Jonathan
18/06/21Intermittent Fasting Ms. LAU Wai Yan, Vivian
11/06/21Refractive Surgery for Presbyopia Dr. CHANG So Min, John
04/06/21Breast Cancer Dr. YAU Chun Chung
28/05/21Pneumothorax Dr. SHUM Kin, Cynthia
21/05/21Men's Urological Health over 50 Dr. YIU Ming Kwong
14/05/21Refractive Surgery for High Myopia Dr. CHANG So Min, John
07/05/21Colon Cancer Dr. KAM Koon Ming, Michael
30/04/21The ‘211’ diet for the patients with diabetes Ms. Cheng Chi Li, Cherie
23/04/21Postpartum Health Issues Dr. CHENG Ghar Yee, Judy
16/04/21Ankle sprain Dr. WONG Wai Kwok, Jimmy
09/04/21Keratoconus Dr. CHENG Chak Kwan, Arthur
02/04/21New Trends in Cervical Cancer Therapy Dr. CHANG Tien Yee, Amy
26/03/21Decompression sickness Dr. TSUI To Shing, Alex
19/03/21Nutrition for Breastfeeding & Postpartum Recover Ms. KO Wing Mui, Sandy
12/03/21The development of Keratoplasty Dr. CHAN Chung Yan, Tommy
05/03/21Thyroid Surgery Dr. KWONG Wing Hang
26/02/21The cause of upper abdominal pain Dr. LEUNG Kit Yan, Luke
19/02/21Acute Stroke Dr. NG Ping Wing
12/02/21Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery Dr. BAIG, Nafees Begum
05/02/21Interstitial Lung Disease Dr. LAM Bing
29/01/21Effective Cancer Diet Strategies Ms. Jessica Chow
22/01/21The benefit of Breastfeeding Dr. KO Lee Yuen
15/01/21Precautions on Exercising in winter Mr. Stan Lau
08/01/21Chronic Glaucoma and Acute Glaucoma Dr. HUI Siu Ping
01/01/21Fatty Liver Dr. HSU Shing Jih, Axel