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The Fourth "Walk for Vision" Raises over HK$ 570,000, Leo Ku Shows Support for Thalassaemia Patients

Led by Village Volunteers of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital ("HKSH"), the fourth Walk for Vision held on 25 March 2012 proved to be a resounding success. As part of the major celebration of HKSH's 90th anniversary, the event attracted about 300 people, including members of hospital staff, their families and charitable supporters. The event raised HK$575,000 for Children's Thalassaemia Foundation, which will go towards funding the purchase of auxiliary medical equipment for local Thalassaemia patients, and supporting public education of the disease. The Foundation's Ambassador, Mr. Leo Ku, was present at this year's walkathon to share his experience as the Foundation's Ambassador, showing support to the patients and their families.

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