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About Us

Recognising the surge of breast cancer among Hong Kong females, the Hospital started the Breast Care Centre in November 1999 and it has since provided service to over 6,000 women. Our services include breast screening, diagnosis, disease management, post-operative care and education program.

Full team of specialists
Our full team of specialists comprising family physicians, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists is involved in breast disease diagnosis, cancer treatment and reconstruction.

Our Services

Breast Screening Program

The Centre is equipped with the most up-to-date digital mammography, which provides images that can be manipulated electronically, hence minimising the need to take additional images.

Since November 1999, thirty-one early breast cancers were picked up among the 5,836 women (5.3 in 1,000) who came for screening. The malignancy were not detected by clinical palpation, but only seen on screening mammography. Nine out of the 31 ladies (29%) were at stage '0' and their survival rate reaches 98%.

Lymphatic massage
The professional physiotherapists of the Hospital are able to perform lymphatic massage relieving upper limb lymphoedema which  is one of the most common complications after breast cancer surgery. (Enquiry Number of Department of Physiotherapy: 2835 8700)

Medical supply
We help women who are diagnosed with breast cancers to re-gain their personal esteem by providing information and supplies regarding surgical bra, breast prosthesis and garment sleeves.

Education and Support

Counselling & Breast Cancer Patient Support Group

Breast Care Nurses provide pre and post-operative psychological support to breast cancer patients and their family members. Video tapes on different topics such as 'post-operative wound care', 'adjuvant medical therapy', 'coping with breast cancer' and 'dietary advice', etc. are available to those who need them. A Breast Cancer Patient Support Group has been formed since 2000. These patients meet regularly to share their experience in coping with the new challenge in their life.

Education – expert meeting on breast cancer management
Experts in the field of breast surgery, medical and radiation oncology, radiology and pathology meet every week at the Breast Cancer Management Meeting to discuss the management plan of patients who have undergone operation in the Hospital. This ensures the provision of the best management to breast cancer patients treated in our hospital. However, patient's identity is always kept confidential, and the recommendation will be related to the patient through his/her own doctor.

Regular seminars and workshops including participation by overseas experts are held to discuss the advances in the management of breast cancer. We also have regular health talks to general public to increase their awareness of breast cancer.

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Breast Care Centre
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