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Wound Care Services

About Us
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital offers tailor-made wound care services to patients through a robust, dedicated team of certified wound, ostomy and incontinence specialty nurses (Enterostomal Therapists). With the best interests of patients in mind, a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary approach is adopted in our wound, ostomy and incontinence management to prevent wound formation, foster wound healing, provide pre/post-surgery stoma education and care, minimise post-surgery complications and improve skin conditions arising from incontinence.

  • Provide professional and high-quality wound care services for patients
  • Enhance and promote knowledge of wound prevention and management in patients and their carers
  • Provide pre-/post-surgery stoma education, prevent and manage post-surgery complications and enhance patients’ confidence and competence in post-surgery self-care
  • Provide tailor-made and effective wound, stoma and continence care predicated on the concept of holistic healthcare in collaboration with other specialists

Our Services

Wound Care
  • Prevention and management of pressure injury for bed-bound patients
  • Prevention and management of incontinence-associated skin breakdown and irritation
  • Post-surgery wounds
  • Cancerous wounds
  • Leg and foot ulcers
  • Trauma
  • Burns and scalds 

Ostomy Care
  • Pre-surgery ostomy site marking and education
  • Post-surgery ostomy care and education
  • Ostomy, drain, tubing or ostomy-related skin irritation assessment and treatment
  • Education on diet and daily care

 Incontinence Care
  • Prevention and management of incontinence-associated skin problems
  • Fistula management
  • Education on clean intermittent self-catheterisation
  • Consultation service on incontinence care 

Service Arrangement
Wound care service can be arranged via referrals by doctors. For more information, please contact our staff members.
Contact Us
For enquiries and appointments, please contact us at:
Wound Care Services
Address:Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
2 Village Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
Whatsapp: 5790 6160(For non-emergency cases)
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Service Hours
Monday to Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closed on Saturday, Sundays and Public Holidays