Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook - Visiting Rules

Visiting Rules

To maintain peace and tranquillity in the wards for the comfort of the patients, visitors are requested to observe the visiting rules. (ICU visitors are requested to refer to the specific visiting regulations separately.)

  • Visit between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

  • Only two visitors per patient at any time.

  • Visit by children under 12 is not advisable.

  • Visit by people having fever or illness is not advisable.

  • Perform hand hygiene before and after visit.

  • No eating or drinking during visit.

  • No smoking in all indoor and outdoor areas within the Hospital compound.

  • Gambling of all forms is strictly prohibited.

  • Patients and visitors are requested to refrain from creating noises which may disturb others. Radio and television sets must be turned down to minimum volume.

  • No personal furniture or electric appliance is allowed in the rooms except with prior permission of the Hospital.

  • Burning of incense and joss sticks is not permitted within the Hospital premises.

  • No pet is allowed within the Hospital premises.

  • No loitering in wards and corridors.

  • Patients and visitors are requested to switch their mobile phones to the silent/vibrate mode and to conduct the conversation at a low level so as not to disturb others.

  • Due to limited space in the Operating Theatre, visitors are strongly encouraged not to wait at the Operating Theatre while a procedure or surgery is in progress. Visitors should wait in the ward to be informed when the procedure is complete.

  • Always clean your hands with soap and water or an alcoholbased hand rub to maintain hand hygiene.

  • Additional visiting restrictions may be imposed subject to the prevailing Hospital's policy.